Extra virgin organic olive oil – 500 ml


Here is some important information about MHD (test in the appendix):

The legislator sets a date here (16 months after bottling ) . We are therefore forced to adopt this.
Olive oils, however, last much longer with proper storage. For this reason we have checked our oil with the result still very high quality and an extension of the MHD by 4 months.

Dear customers, the conditions for the cultivation and distribution of olive oil vary greatly from harvest to harvest under the current climatic conditions. We do our best to calculate our prices after each harvest so that they are fair to both our producers and customers.

Our olive oil, identical to the taste of Messinia

An extra virgin organic olive oil, with low acidity (<0.4),
that offers a new, special taste experience. The
No.1 Melaia olive oil is organically tested and certified. It
comes from the award-winning “Koroneiki” olive variety
and is rich in valuable nutrients and antioxidants.

It stands out for its unique “spicy” aroma
and extraordinary fresh taste, which
elevates cooking. The elegant packaging of 500ml
and 3 L preserve the excellent quality for the delight of
the most discerning palate.