Product delivery and payment terms

Product delivery and payment terms

Product delivery and payment terms

  2. Shipping cost and product delivery time

1.1. The transport cost of the products, ordered through the online store, is not included in the price of the products.

1.2. Within Greece

All products are sent with the cooperating courier companies to the address you have stated in your order, within 4-7 working days, as long as they are immediately available. The price list of the respective courier company depends on the place and the weight of the products of the order. In any case, you will be informed by our e-shop before the completion of your order.

 In the event that the product is not ready for delivery, the order remains pending and the Company will contact you about the expected availability time of the product, the case of replacement, or the cancellation of the order depending on the Company’s potential.

1.3. The cost of shipping the products for orders over 80,00 euros is free.

1.4. Outside Greece, Europe

Τhe price list of the cooperating courier companies depends on the country and the weight of the products of the order. The cooperating courier companies are HERMIS and DHL. In any case, you will be informed by our e-shop before the completion of your order.

 Especially for Germany, the shipping cost is a flat rate of 5.95 euros per order and delivery. From a value of more than 80,00 euros, delivery is free.

1.5. The address declared by the user of the e-shop should be real, valid and accurate. The Company does not bear any responsibility for the non-delivery or delayed delivery of the products, in case of an incorrect delivery address. In case of absence from the declared address, or any change in the details of his declared address, the user of the electronic store is responsible for informing the Company in time, in order to make the shipment to the correct address. Otherwise, the buyer will be charged with the extra cost of transportation or the cost of ineffective transportation.

1.6. The receipt of the item and the buyer’s signature on the carrier’s form means acceptance of the order by the buyer. In the event of a delay in the delivery of your order, or for any complaint related to its execution, contact us at email, or by phone at +30206981483263 and +30 6981483263.

1.7. In the event of a delay in the delivery of the product, under the responsibility of the transport company, the Company is not responsible. In case of further culpability of the transport company, from which a defect of the product arose, you retain all the rights mentioned below for the defective products.

  1. Payment methods

By Credit/Debit Card:

Each purchase is carried out at the choice of the buyer with the possibility of payment with VISA and MASTERCARD credit cards.

Transactions are carried out in real time, using the electronic payment platform of the National Bank of Greece.

In this process, the Company has no involvement and your sensitive credit/debit card information is not stored in its system, nor on its website

In case the buyer carrying out the transaction is not the same person as the owner of the credit card, the Company bears no responsibility and has no obligation to refund money.

Payment can be made: by credit, debit and prepaid cards of Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, American Express, Diners, Discover, using the Masterpass e-wallet.

Using the Masterpass e-wallet

Deposit to account:

You can pay for your order by deposit to the Company’s bank account. If the payment is not completed within 3 working days of the order, it is cancelled. In order to confirm your payment immediately, when depositing the amount, write the name of the buyer and the order number in the justification area. Transaction costs are borne by the principal. After depositing the money, please send the deposit via e-mail to

National Bank of Greece

Account Number: GR4001104130000041300630294

IBAN: GR4001104130000041300630294

Beneficiary: ALBANO ΤΖAFA


Genauer für Deutschland betragen die Versandkosten pauschal pro Bestellung und Lieferung 6,99 Euro. Ab einem Warenwert von mehr als 80,00 Euro ist die Lieferung kostenlos.

1.5. Die vom Nutzer des E-Shops angegebene Adresse muss effektiv, gültig und korrekt sein. Das Unternehmen trägt keine Verantwortung für die Nichtlieferung oder verspätete Lieferung der Produkte, im Falle einer falschen Lieferadresse. Im Falle einer Abwesenheit von der angegebenen Adresse oder einer Änderung der Angaben zur angegebenen Adresse ist der Nutzer des E-Shops dafür verantwortlich, das Unternehmen rechtzeitig zu informieren, damit die Bestellung an die richtige Adresse geschickt werden kann. Andernfalls hat der Benutzer die zusätzlichen Transportkosten oder die Kosten eines ineffizienten Transports zu tragen.

1.6 Die Entgegennahme der Ware und die Unterschrift des Käufers auf dem Formular des Lieferers bedeuten die Annahme der Bestellung vom Käufer. Im Falle einer Verspätung bei der Auslieferung Ihrer Bestellung oder bei einer Reklamation bezüglich der Ausführung, kontaktieren Sie uns bitte unter, oder telefonisch unter +30206981483263 und +30 6981483263.

1.7. Im Falle einer verspäteten Lieferung des Produkts durch das Verschulden des Transportunternehmens haftet das Unternehmen nicht. Im Falle eines weiteren Verschuldens des Transportunternehmens, das zu einem Mangel des Produkts geführt hat, behalten Sie alle unten aufgeführten Rechte für mangelhafte Produkte.

2. Zahlungsmethoden

Sie können über die sichere Umgebung von Viva auf 30 verschiedene Arten bezahlen (Kartenzahlung, digitale Geldbörse, Online-Banking usw.).


Sie können über die sichere Umgebung von Paypal mit Ihrer Debitkarte oder Ihrem Paypal-Konto bezahlen.

An diesem Prozess ist das Unternehmen nicht beteiligt und die sensiblen Daten Ihrer Kredit-/Debitkarte werden weder im System noch auf der Webseite von gespeichert.