About us ​

About us ​

About us ​

Our Melaia principle

Fair trade

Our claim is that both consumers and producers benefit from the sale of our olive oil. We oppose blind profit maximization and the exploitation of people and resources.

This is what we do:

  • We do without middlemen.
  • We know them Producers personally and are in constant communication with them.
  • We promote safe and fair working conditions for producers and their employees.
  • We regularly check the high quality of the oil and report the results accessible to our customers.

Best quality without additives

The region around Kalamata has been proven to be one of the highest quality and most productive olive growing areas for decades throughout Europe. Our organic olive oil comes from local olive groves and is pressed, bottled and delivered directly to them – without additives, without the addition of inferior oils and without middlemen.

Transparent value creation and supply chains

We know all of our producers personally, are in constant contact with them and share the high demands placed on olive oil. Together we decided to have the quality of our oil tested regularly in order to make it transparent about the quality of our product. We completely avoid intermediaries and sell the oil directly from the producer to the end customer in Greece and Germany.

About us

We are a small team from the Messinia region in Greece. Together with local olive grove owners, we produce and distribute olive oil from the region directly to the end consumer. Feel free to write to us if you have questions or suggestions: info@1melaia.de

What’s Behind Our Name Melaia?
Melaia is a combination of the Greek terms Meli, meaning honey, and Elaia, meaning olive. We aim to invest all our energy and experience into these two natural products from Messenia in the long term and offer them with a sense of quality and local economy.

Our Favorite Legend
Greece thrives on its myths, legends, and gods. Our favorite legend, of course, revolves around the olive.
It begins with a contest between the goddess Athena and the god Poseidon, who both claimed sovereignty over the city of Attica (today Athens). They held a competition to decide who would get patronage over the city.
Poseidon, smashing his trident into the ground, grants the city a saltwater spring. Athena, on the other hand, thrusts her spear into a rock and the first olive tree, full of fruit, sprouts at the gate of the Acropolis. She wins the contest and gifts the city not only its first olive tree but also its name: Athens.
Since the first olive tree, planted by a divine hand, provided the inhabitants with both food and wood, it is considered a valuable sacred gift. For this reason, olive oil is also referred to as “liquid gold” in Greece.